Pain in wrists in yoga poses

by Melissa West on July 24, 2013

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Today’s question comes from the membership site from Sue:

Pain-in-wrists-in-yoga-posesMy question is how do I practice yoga without putting pressure on my wrists? Downward dog, cat/cow to name a few, are not options. I have osteoporosis but have actually gained bone mass by exercise, no drugs. I am also on the slim slide and have small wrists and long arms for my body height of almost 5’5″. Any suggestions? Namaste, Susan

Marie from Facebook had almost the same question!

I have a wrist complaint which makes postures such as downward facing dog really difficult for me and it can be quite painful. Any advice on how to tackle postures were your weight is on your wrists? I tend to just wait in childs pose but don’t think this gets the best out of the yoga session for me. Namaste melissa

Hi Susan and Marie

I am going to make a video for you to show you how to modify your yoga poses by coming onto your forearms so that you don’t put pressure onto your wrists in downward facing dog and cat and cow.

Also, we will be launching the hand and foot treatment which will treat the fascia and connective system of your body very soon on the membership site from the training that I did with The Melt Method. You may find this might also help with your wrists.

I’ve just released six more classes just like this in our membership community to release your shoulders, neck, upper back, inner thighs, groin, glutes, quadriceps and IT band, in addition to our already existing 28 videos for your connective tissue in our membership community. That means we have 35 connective tissue classes to support you, all organized for you in a comprehensive playlist including instructions and support for how to start. We are even having fun weekly and monthly challenges for Fascia February.  If you would like exclusive access to this amazing content then click here to become a member today.


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