Personalized 40 Day Sadhana from Dr Melissa West

by Melissa West on September 8, 2012

Over the last month the members have had exclusive access to these 40 day sadhanas and now we are opening them up to the public. It has truly been an honour to create these personalized practices over the last month or so. You will receive an intake form and once you complete that I begin by tuning into your energy centers and determining which of your chakras are open and balanced or blocked and closed. From there I review your intake form and begin to create a yoga practice designed specifically for you and your needs. The response to these sadhanas has been overwhelming. Most people have e-mailed me back right away telling me that their personalized sadhanas have brought them to tears or have brought tears to their eyes because it has shown them their truth. These sadhanas are transforming their lives. I am so proud of the work these individuals are doing through their practices. I look forward to the opportunity to create an individual practice designed specifically for you and your needs and the challenges you face in your life. Namaste, Melissa
Transform your life in 40-days with this yoga practice designed specifically for you.

What is it?

A 20-minute practice designed specifically for you by Melissa including yoga, breath practice, mantra and mudra, to be completed every day over a 40-day period.

What is a Sadhana?

The Sanskrit means –“ to accomplish.” A sadhana is simply a daily spiritual practice designed to allow yourself to turn inward and come to know yourself on a deeper level. A spiritual practice is simply a practice that connects You to you. That is – your ego self, which is small, limited and separate from everything else, to your Higher Self, which is infinite, unlimited and connected to All that Is

Why 40 Days?
There is a natural 40-day rhythm to habits in the body and mind. It takes about 40 days of consistent practice to break a habit. It takes about 90 days to establish a new habit in action and in the subconscious. It is good to take these biorhythms into account when designing your practice. There is logic to a forty-day sadhana. We practice to train the subconscious to release thoughts or habits that do not serve us any longer.

Why 20 minutes?
Three minutes alters the electromagnetic field and the circulation, potentially moving us into theta state, which we experience as a deep state of relaxation. Eleven minutes changes the nerves and glands. Twenty-two minutes balances the three minds (positive, negative and neutral), meaning they can work in harmony.

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Still shots from past Sadhanas


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