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by Melissa West on August 11, 2010

I want to talk about what’s been rocking my yoga world lately. As many of you know I’ve been training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy over this past year. In July I went to the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training center in Bristol Vermont to do their teacher training. I have to say, I was blown away by their approach to yoga. Let me describe a little bit of what it is about:Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy yoga is an experiential and introspective approach to yoga, one that allows you to more deeply know your true Self. In this class yoga is used as a powerful therapeutic tool for increasing awareness and as a basis for positive life change and enhancement. This yoga is not only about physical benefits but also an inner therapeutic experience. If you are interested in increasing your self-awareness and empowering yourself to live a more fulfilling and creative life, then this approach is for you. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy yoga offers an incredibly deep, meaningful and transformational yoga experience.

When I was at the training we were teaching  teachers and I was thinking, well this is great for them, but will my average joe students be able to do this kind of approach? On Monday night I decided to give it a try. I decided to teach a class on befriending your body. In this class you notice and become aware of your connection to your body AND you experience your body as a wise teacher.

I was totally blown away by my students’ ability to turn inward and explore deeply in their own internal way their experience to their own body. The class allowed a lot of space for inner exploration in combination with yoga postures. This introspection is facilitated by asking the students to keep their eyes closed or at a soft gaze throughout the class.  My students explored what is was like to be in their body in various yoga postures, they inquired about what it was like to listen to their body, and asked what their body was saying to them.

This class allowed my students to explore the kind of relationship they have to their bodies as well as the kind of relationships they would like to have with their bodies.

I finished my class with this great quote I found in Emmanual Book II

Your bodies are programmed in the womb,
before the mind touches them,

before society adjusts them. Your bodies are designed to dance,
to dust your consciousness with the
lightness and flexibility that will
allow joy in your world.

When you move into the physical dance, ask yourselves,

“Where am I afraid to be who I am in my own body?
 Where am I a wallflower to my own dance?”It was a beautiful reading to end the class and you could have heard a pin drop about a mile away there was so much stillness in the room. I encourage you to check out this kind of approach in your own community. You can find Phoenix Rising Yoga Thearpy teachers on the Phoenix Rising Yoga Thearpy website at Phoenix Rising Yoga Thearpy. I’m going to be teaching a Phoenix Rising Yoga Thearpy yoga class on Wednesday nights in the fall in Whitby Ontario and my fall yoga retreat is going to be a Phoenix Rising Yoga Thearpy yoga retreat so I totally encourage you to check both out!


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