9 Modifications for Pigeons Pose

by Melissa West on

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Today’s question comes to us from David and he requested another video like the one we did on Bow Pose where we showed lots of modifications and options.

9-Pigeon-Pose-ModificationsThis video will show you lots of modifications for pigeon’s pose and options for changing up the pose if you have trouble with it.

Props Needed – chair, block or blanket, wall, yoga strap

reclined pigeon pose/figure 4 pose

  1. pigeon pose sitting in a chair
  2. standing pigeon
  3. modify pigeon pose by bringing your knee right up underneath you
  4. modify pigeon pose by doing zig zag legs
  5. always fill the space with a block or a blanket

Modification for King Pigeon Pose/Eka Pada Rajakapotanasana

  1. just tuck your back toes under and lift your knee instead of bending back lower leg off the ground
  2. use a strap
  3. use a wall

Do you know any other modifications for pigeon pose or king pigeons pose?

If so share them below in the comments!

Thank you for leaving your questions and comments. Namaste, Melissa


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