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I first met Dreena Burton almost 10 years ago when I found her book Vive le Vegan at my local library. I took the book home and was blown away by the recipes filled with whole foods, nuts, legumes, wheat-free flours and natural sugars.

Finally a vegan recipe book that didn’t rely on processed ingredients, soy, and nutrient deficient ingredients! I was in heaven. I went home, made several recipes that weekend from ingredients I had in my pantry and I was hooked.

I was so impressed I sent Dreena an email, not necessarily expecting a reply, but to express my gratitude for a recipe book that could easily put meals on the table any day of the week for my family with lots of healthy treats to boot. Of course in classic Dreena style I heard back from her and that was the beginning of a nearly decade long friendship now. Fast forward to this year and when I was met with some health challenges that meant serious food restrictions Dreena spent a lot of time with me teaching me how to modify recipes and checking in on me so that I could still eat a vegan diet.

These are but two examples of the compassion and loving kindness that are second nature to Dreena and so it was no surprise to open Plant Powered 15 and see her lead with this quote, “Cooking is the Simplest Way of Saying I love you.” When Dreena shares her recipes with all of us, have no doubt, she is sharing her generous and open heart.

So what is Plant Powered 15? It is a collection of recipes that Dreena put together that have all the features you have come to expect from Dreena – they are easy to make, they won’t take long to get to the table (she is a Mom of 3 and understands what it is like!), and they full of whole grains, whole grain flours, legumes, nuts, seeds, veggies, natural sweeteners and no oils.

There are 15 recipes: granola, dressings – I love dressings because they make salads exciting and we eat salad with every meal (spoiler – she includes legumes and greens in her dressings even a new trend I’ve noticed in dressings! fabulous!), spreads, soups, sweet balls, burgers, mac ‘n cheez , tips, and it wouldn’t be a Dreena cook book without cookies!

I appreciate how Dreena uses new and nutrient dense ingredients like chia seeds and chickpea miso but gives options for substitutions if you can’t find them in your stores yet!

Each recipe is beautifully photographed by Nicole Axworthy which makes you incredibly inspired to cook each of the 15 recipes in the e-book. So get cookin! For a complete listing of recipes, more details and to purchase the e-book for $6.95 click here!


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