Pran Mudra

by Melissa West on April 22, 2014

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Pran Mudra

Pran-MudraWelcome to day seven of mudras on the move! Today we are in Yellowstone National Park! I wanted to share with you the Pran Mudra today.

The Pran Mudra stimulates the base of your chakra system at root chakra. This is the energy that gives your the root support so that you can expand upward and outward into the world. Over the last six days, I feel as though my roots have been growing deeper into the earth and receiving more nourishment than ever from the wide open expansiveness of the sky, the mountains, rivers, lakes and forests that we’ve been visiting.

The Pran Mudra increases your vitality from the root up giving you energy up through your nervous system and chakras. For my road-trip, it will give me staying power, confidence, and the courage to start something new as well as the strength to see things through. All those things are useful energies to have as we come to the “endurance” part of our long road trip.

This mudra is also about vision. It is not just about improving the vision of your eyes, but also to have a vision for your life. This is definitely what this road trip has been all about as we move closer and closer to the ideal vision of our lives each mile we drive. As Anodea Judith says in her book, Creating on Purpose, “When you act from vision, rather than what the world tells you is possible, your life becomes energized, and your vision becomes contagious to others.” This mudra will help you have a clear vision for your life and visualize your path to fulfillment.

To practice the pran mudra, place the tips of your thumb, ring finger and baby finger together on both hands while extending your other fingers. Practice three times a day for five to thirty minutes.

Anodea Judith Creating on Purpose
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