The 2 Best Restorative Yoga Poses for Constipation in 5 mins

by Melissa West on

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I have filmed thousands of videos in my nearly 10 years on YouTube, but it is my constipation videos that are most popular. Today I will share with you the 2 best restorative yoga poses for constipation.

Constipation is a high level of restriction and a lack of ease in the bowels. Often the feces are hardened so in addition to drinking lots of room temperature water or warm lemon water relaxing your large intestine or colon is incredibly helpful to relieving constipation.

Today we are going to do a supported bridge over the bolster. This pose will help to lengthen and relax your colon to create ease in your system, to let go of the holding. Rest in this pose for 5 mins. If you don’t have a bolster you can stack some pillows or roll up some blankets.

Secondly we are going to put pressure on your colon to help move the feces along and out of your large intestine. We are going to do this by folding up a blanket, placing it under the soft part of your belly and lying on your belly for 5 mins.

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