Roadtrip to Banff and Jasper : Vlog 30

by Melissa West on August 29, 2016

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Roadtrip to Banff

Vlog-30---Roadtrip-to-BanffThis past week our family had the roadtrip of a lifetime to Banff and Jasper. Trinity and I started the road trip with a Mother/daughter day in Vancouver doing some back to school shopping as well as a special lunch at Heirloom restaurant.

Monday morning was the official start of our road trip. We had breakfast in Kamloops at Hello Toast. I highly recommend it if you have a chance. The trip through the Rockies was amazing. We crossed provinces for this trip out of BC into Alberta.

Before we set up camp, right outside of our campsite we saw our first grizzly bear. It was terrifying because we were camping so close to this bear.

Tuesday morning we started exploring Banff and went grocery shopping. We went to Bow Falls. The views were stunning. We went up Mount Norquay up to 7, 000 feet. That evening we saw another grizzly bear.

Wednesday morning we went to Lake Louise. I started wearing my winter coat.

We went on a huge hike on Thursday up to the Ink Pots at Johnson Canyon. We climbed up to the lower and upper falls. We made it to the ink pots and back, round trip it was a 12 km trip at a 6000 foot elevation.

Friday we moved camp from Banff to Jasper. More bears outside our camp.

Saturday we started heading home. It was an incredible road trip, camping and family vacation. People come from all over the world to visit Banff and Jasper. I hope you get to see it one day too.


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