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by Melissa West on June 3, 2014

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Sciatica Help

Help-for-your-SciaticaToday’s question comes from Kaelah from email:

LOVE the Yoga for Sciatica video! I’m off on a short term disability claim as two weeks ago a severe case of sciatica came about and for the first three days I couldn’t even care for myself. It’s never been this bad and it’s never taken this long to rejoin the flow of life again.

A week after the onset, I got your video. I have to tell you that I used to be afraid of yoga because it’s put my back out before… but finding out about the straight legged forward folds being bad made sense! This video has been the most amazing ever! It really does relieve pain! ‎

Two questions if I may:

1). Is downward dog considered a straight legged forward fold?

Yes! If your legs are straight! 🙂 You can bend your knees in downward facing dog quite deeply and that should keep it from being a contraindication for sciatica.

2). The last pose of the video has you sitting with your legs straight out in front of you. I find that really painful still. Is there a modification I can do? If I bend my leg up by my hip it relieves the pain but I can’t quite keep both cheeks on the ground and my foot isn’t quite flat on the floor.

So the last pose of the class is matsyendrasana – a seated twist. Think about filling the space. You can either sit on a blanket to elevate your hips – which I think might help quite a bit …. or you can fill the space on one side where your hip is elevated. Give that a try and let me know how it goes.

If you are interested in the Yoga for Sciatica video it is available on my membership site or in my shop.



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