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Better Forward Folds

How-to-improve-your-forward-foldsToday’s question comes from Monique from the membership site:

“With the sitting forward fold (on the folded blanket with your legs open), I find this to be incredibly challenging, I can’t sit upright, my hips, lower back and inner leg muscles feel like they’re made of steel and it’s pretty unbearable. I tried sitting on a block to raise myself more, but it was still really rough. Any suggestions for finding a way to ease this pose to gain its benefits? Maybe doing it on my back with a strap one leg at a time until I gain more flexibility?

Dear Monique

I will give you the same advice as my teacher gave me years ago. Practice your forward folds from standing until they get easier.

So practice wide legged standing forward fold, standing forward fold, cross one leg over another.

Practice rolling your pelvis over your leg bones from standing so that it is an easier movement to find in a sitting position.

As a beginner I used to practice in the bathtub too, it was easier to get that position of rolling your pelvis over your leg bones.

Also keep in mind that asymmetrical seated forward folds will be easier than symmetrical forward folds. i.e. janu sirsasana will be easier than paschimottanasana

I would recommend practicing

Happy Hips

Hips and Hamstrings

and the Foot Connective Tissue Class to help you with your seated forward folds.

I would love to hear from you. What have you done to improve your seated forward folds in yoga?

Leave your comments below.

Namaste, Melissa




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