Abdominal Self-Massage for Constipation

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Do you suffer from constipation? If so this video is for you.

Hi I´m Dr. Melissa West, host of Yoga with Melissa, real yoga for real people, yoga so you can move better, feel better and connect with your true nature.

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We have covered this topic several times in the past and I will link to the 5 other helpful constipation videos in the shownotes. Click Here

Today I am going to show you an abdominal Self Massage for Constipation.

Today I am using Scentuals Yoga Serenity – 100% Natural Massage Oil for the Massage

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It contains lavender essential oil which eliminates nervous tension, relieves pain, enhances blood circulation and relaxes your body. Rose Geranium Essential Oil will relieve tight muscles and stress. Sandalwood will relieve anxiety, stress and increase relaxation and calmness. It will relax your nerves and it is helpful for cramps and aches which are common with constipation. Finally, Jasmine essential oil relieves stress and anxiety.

Abdominal massage is one of the best ways to solve constipation. You can do it right before you go to bed and right after you wake up in the morning. Usually you will feel the need to clear your bowels after doing this abdominal self-massage for constipation.

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor
  2. Rub your hands together until they are warm
  3. Take your first two fingers (index and middle) and make clockwise circles around your navel
  4. Now massage your large intestine. Start from the bottom right hand side, go across the top and then go down the bottom left side. Circline 9-18 times as you move up, across and down. If you find a painful spot or knot, spend more time there.
  5. To massage your small intestines, come into the area inside of the large intestines. Now make small circles in this inner circle 3-9 times as you circle back into the navel.
  6. If you feel a big lump while you are doing the massage at bedtime, put your palm over it and sleep with it there until morning. This will soften the knot, release pain and allow you to release your bowels more easily the next morning.

Performing this abdominal massage will relieve your constipation and give you a good flow of energy in your body.

Let me know in the comments how this massage felt for you and how it worked for you. Try it everyday in the when you go to bed and when you wake up, before you get out of bed in the morning.

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