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by Melissa West on September 29, 2014

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Yoga for Seniors

Yoga-for-SeniorsToday’s question comes to us from Terry via email:

Hi, Melissa. I have been following you for over a year. As I am getting older, some exercises are becoming painful. Had to stop for now.

Question: do you have a series dedicated to women 60 yrs old and over (seniors). If you offer them, how much the cost? Thanks! Terry

Dear Terry

Thank you so much for your question. While I haven’t created anything specifically for seniors, we do have a few videos that work well for seniors that may interest you.

Namaste Yoga 209 was a free class that we did on age acceptance that looks at balancing the vata dosha which one enters into from 75-100 years of age.

Yoga for Arthritis:

Yoga for Arthritis Hips:

Yoga for Arthritis Knees:

Here is a Chair Yoga Class designed for seniors and office workers in mind:

And our Fibromyalgia video is a gentle video done in 3 segments one part lying down, one part in a chair and one part visualization.

These are all available in my shop for $10-$15.

On our membership site we have these videos plus a menopause series. The osteoporosis class and the postmenopause class address issues specific to seniors as well as the meditation series, which is great for keeping your mind sharp. Amanda did a fabulous Yoga Chi Gung warm up for joints in her Take 5 section too.



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