Setting Your Intention for 2014

by Melissa West on December 31, 2013

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New Years’ Resolutions

New-Years-Resolutions-with-Melissa-2014It is that time of year again! When the clock strikes 12 am on December 31st people make all sorts of promises to themselves about things they are going to give up and new habits they are going to form. New Years resolutions are a kind of “outside in” approach to changing what you don’t like about yourself.

As yogis we know we are already perfect, whole and complete. When we connect with our Inner Selves we simply tune in to the part of us that already knows what is best for us. As yogis we create intentions from the inside out. They are called sankalpas. They are the heartfelt desire for the deepest level of your soul.

On New Year’s Eve I want to offer you several different ways to discover your sankalpa.

I still feel that episode 72 on Sankalpa is the most important class (and still my favourite) class that I have ever taught. This is a free class and the one I would recommend you practice on New Year’s eve.

Secondly if you are a member (or you might want to become a member to access all this great material on sankalpa!) we have a lot to choose from on Sankalpa or Intention setting on our membership site.

Firstly we have a lecture that I created in 2012.

Secondly we have a five part series on Sankalpa/Intetnion setting that I created in January of 2013

This includes:

A 10 minute practice for setting your intention for your yoga practice:
Setting Intention for your Yoga Practice – Monday
This is a simple seated meditation designed to allow you to set your intention for your yoga practice. Use it each time you come to your yoga mat to practice yoga.

A 16 Minute Practice for Setting Your Intention for the Day
Creating Your Intention for the Day – Tuesday
This is a short seated meditation designed to help you set your intention for the day. The practice combines mudra and meditation to allow you to look back on your day and know you have treated yourself with love and integrity.

Setting Longer Term Intentions Determining Your Character Strengths and Values – Wednesday
On Wednesday you will have the opportunity to fill out a 30-minute questionnaire that will measure your 24 character strength and help you assess your top five values. This will help you determine the values that will be important to you when setting your long-term sankalpa.

A 28 minute Yoga Class on Setting Longer Term Intentions by expressing your dharma

Setting Longer Term Intentions Dharma and Life Purpose – Thursday
In this yoga class we will explore expressing your divine nature, your dharma, in a way that nobody else can in the world. Through the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita we will explore what it is to fulfill your own dharma and what this has to do with setting long-term sankalpas.


A short 16 minute lecture answering your questions about Sankalpa
Cautions and Questions – Friday
The final class in the series is a lecture which offers some cautions and questions and answers that come up when forming your sankalpa. If you have any more questions about sankalpa please leave them in the comments and I will be happy to respond.

Leave your comments and questions below.

Post your intentions/sankalpa for 2014 below.

I look forward to hearing about what this year has in store for you! 🙂

Namaste, Melissa


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