Shift Your Perspective – Vlog 20

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Shift Your Perspective

Shift-Your-Perspective---Vlog-20If you aren´t interested in drones, don´t watch this vlog 😉 Thank you so much, because of your support we have received our drone and all its supporting material. We are so grateful to have your support to be able to improve the quality of our show for you.

We share with you our inaugural flight. In uplands park. We filmed Namaste Yoga this week at Witty´s Lagoon and Tim was able to get some incredible video with the drone.

Did I mention this week is all about flying the new drone? On Wednesday we had another fun flight and then went for some ice cream with our friend Trevor who was visiting from Toronto. Later on Wednesday we scoped out Royal Rhodes University for a photography session that Tim did later in the week.

Thank you so much to all of you who contributed to the drone purchase. I love how it allows us to change our perspective. I love how it gives us a different perspective like inversions. There are many things that allow me to shift my perspective from poetry to art, yoga to conversations with you my students.

How do you shift your perspective? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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