Prenatal Yoga Video

Prenatal-YogaThis prenatal yoga video is filled with yoga postures, breath practices, guided meditations, and mudras that will allow you to focus on your pregnancy in a deeper way. The video will offer yoga postures that will help to create space in your torso for your baby. Yoga postures will prepare you not only physically for the birthing process but Melissa’s expert teaching will also help to decrease your anxiety, preparing your mentally and emotionally as well. Focus on strengthening and relaxing your pelvic floor will prepare you for labor and quicken postpartum recovery following your labor. Yoga poses for healthy breast tissue will prepare you for nursing. We will also go over some basic birthing positions and yoga to prepare for comfort and ease during labour. This video includes prenatal exercise guidelines at the outset so you can practice your prenatal yoga with confidence.

Samples from the Video are located below and more can be found at: 

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