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by Melissa West on July 17, 2013

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Welcome Erika!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Erika Paez, an Open Hearted Graduate of our Continuing Education program for Yoga Teachers. One of the things we like to do as the teachers graduate from the Open Your Heart to Yoga Pedagogy Program is encourage them to take on a leadership roles in our community. Erika is going to be heading up our Spanish community.

“Es con gran placer que les presento a una Graduada de Corazón Generoso de nuestro Curso de Formación Continua para Maestros. Como hablante de español y originaria de Colombia, Erika va a ocuparse de nuestra comunidad de habla española en Facebook. Erika tiene un increíble espíritu con un entusiasmo que es contagioso. Esperamos que ella inspire a nuestra comunidad de habla española y responda a sus comentarios en nuestra página de Facebook exactamente aquí! Con mucha gratitud, Melissa”

As I spoke to Erika about taking on this role in our community she spoke of her intention about making yoga available to more people, especially those in Latin America. She will be doing this by translating episodes of Namaste Yoga into Spanish alongside the amazing Spanish speakers who are already translating Namaste Yoga: Eva Garcia Sevilla, Gabrialla Piagentini, Claudia DeAlmeida, and the one who started it all Marta Benito. If you are Spanish speaking and would like to translate episodes of Namaste Yoga into Spanish or any other language, click here.

Erika’s main role as leader of the Spanish community will be as an administrator of our Namaste Yoga Facebook page where she will promote our Spanish content and respond to messages and comments in Spanish.

Here are Erika’s words:

I believe yoga is a very generous way to open channels for creative energy but it is also through yoga that I have found space for peace and relief from the hectic days we all experience nowadays and to connect with others from my heart. Here I am not only going to translate the teachings of my experience as practitioner and as yoga teacher but translate the beauty of Namaste yoga with Dr. Melissa West into Spanish so this can reach more people both in Spain and Latin America as well as those who want to experience Namaste yoga in Spanish. I live in the UK but have strong connections with Spain and Latin America; for me is a privilege to spread Namaste yoga in other voices and to other cultures. I have followed Dr. Melissa for more than a year, I am a member of the Namaste Membership Site and through the Continuing Education Course for teachers I have learned and enjoy her yoga a lot! I feel at ease with her yoga approach, and confident I can be of support here. This is a big honour for me to be part of Namaste yoga, I see my role here as a facilitator and is through your contributions that we all learn, share and grow. Namaste, Erika

It is an honour to introduce you to Erika and to have her look after our Spanish community.


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