Yoga help for Spinal Curves

by Melissa West on April 15, 2013

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Hey Melissa,
I’ve really enjoyed your yoga video’s for beginners, I’ve been suffering with dizziness/vertigo due to a curve in my spine. in between my shoulder blades. Are there any particular poses that I can do to help alleviate this, my chiropractor recommended cat pose, which has been very helpful but are there any more I can do?
Thank you for your help, Fee

Dear Fee
I’m sorry to hear about the dizziness/vertigo you experience due to a curve between your spine in between your shoulder blades. Cat pose is excellent for that, your chiropractor is right.

Eagles pose is a great pose to get in between your shoulder blades. There are two videos that I have that are excellent for upper back, neck and shoulder pain.


All videos are available on my membership site as well


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