Spiritual Yoga

by Melissa West on March 20, 2013

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Today’s question comes from Maya Tiegrah for research she is doing for graduate school.

What does yoga mean to me spiritually?

Yoga is a practice that allows me to come home to my True Self, my True Nature. In yoga we have a practice called pratyahara which means withdrawal of the senses. By bringing our attention back from all the external noise of the outside world – media, advertising, propoganda, we can turn inwards and listen to that still, quiet voice within and know a deeper, truer voice of wisdom that is our own. To me this is what yoga is about spiritually. Clearing away all the noise so that we can hear the pure voice within.

Here are some Namaste Yoga classes that embody this theme beautifully. (Just click on the picture)

Namaste Yoga 165: Your Unique Inner Wisdom


Namaste Yoga 76 True Self with Dr. Melissa West

Namaste Yoga 76 True Self with Dr. Melissa West




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