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Beginners Start Yoga with Namaste Yoga

Beginners-Start-Yoga-with-Namaste-YogaAre you new to yoga? Have you always wanted to begin a yoga practice but don’t know where to start? This August we are going to be leading a beginner yoga challenge right here and on Instagram. As luck would have it, Namaste Yoga has 31 beginner yoga classes. One for each day of the month.

Each day we will be posting a beginner yoga class from the list of 31 beginner yoga classes below on Instagram. Follow me @drmelissawest on Instagram and follow the hashtag #beginningwithnamasteyoga You can go through the list below, and each day, post you photo of you doing this episode of Namaste Yoga. I’m so looking forward to seeing all of your creative photos, yoga spaces and the ways you are practicing a Namaste Yoga beginner classes pn each day of the month in August. You may join at any time.

When you post your picture add the tag #beginningwithnamasteyoga and remember to tag me @drmelissawest so I can see you and comment on your posts.

I so look forward to connecting with you and seeing your posts. Feel free to share with your family, friends and any co-workers who have been talking about wanting to start a yoga practice. 🙂

Leave your comments below and let me know if you will be joining us for #beginningwithnamasteyoga August beginner yoga challenge.

  1. Day 1: Namaste Yoga 101 Yoga For Beginners
  2. Day 2: Namaste Yoga 268 Absolute Beginner’s
  3. Day 3: Namaste Yoga 270 Slow Beginner Yoga
  4. Day 4: Namaste Yoga 129 Beginner’s Series Preparatory Poses
  5. Day 5: Namaste Yoga 130 Beginner’s Series Standing Postures
  6. Day 6: Namaste Yoga 131 Beginner’s Series Inversions
  7. Day 7: Namaste Yoga 132 Beginner’s Series Backbends
  8. Day 8: Namaste Yoga 133 Beginner’s Series Twists
  9. Day 9: Namaste Yoga 134 Beginner’s Series Forward Bends
  10. Day 10: Namaste Yoga 135 Beginner’s Series Putting it all Together
  11. Day 11: Namaste Yoga 250 Intention
  12. Day 12: Namaste Yoga 251 How Far Should I go?
  13. Day 13: Namaste Yoga 252 Breath
  14. Day 14: Beginners Yoga Class: Mountain and Tree Pose: Namaste Yoga 153
  15. Day 15: Beginners Yoga: Downward Facing Dog: Episode 154
  16. Day 16: Namaste Yoga 155 Beginner Yoga: Bridge Pose & Shoulderstand
  17. Day 17: Beginner Yoga: Triangle Pose/Trikonasana: Namaste Yoga 156
  18. Day 18: Warrior I and Warrior III : Namaste Yoga 157
  19. Day 19: Beginner Yoga Warrior II and Side Angle Pose: Namaste Yoga Episode 158
  20. Day 20: Namaste Yoga 159 Beginner Yoga: Cobra and Bow Pose
  21. Day 21: Namaste Yoga 107 Yoga for Beginners Two: Finding Time
  22. Day 22: Namaste Yoga 275 Beginner Yoga Discipline
  23. Day 23: Namaste Yoga 274 Beginner Yoga Focus
  24. Day 24: Namaste Yoga 269 Beginner Yoga Balance
  25. Day 25: Namaste Yoga 273 Beginner Yoga Flexibility
  26. Day 26: Namaste Yoga 170 Beginner Yoga for Strength
  27. Day 27: Namaste Yoga 180 Yoga for Weight Acceptance
  28. Day 28: Namaste Yoga 271 Step by Step Beginner Yoga Class
  29. Day 29: Namaste Yoga 272 Easy to Follow Beginner Yoga
  30. Day 30: Yoga for Beginners – Episode 117 with Dr Melissa West
  31. Day 31: Namaste Yoga 253 Bringing Violence Against Women out of the Shadows



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