Story behind the necklace

by Melissa West on December 24, 2012

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Hi Melissa,

I have been watching your videos for about 1 1/2 and I have never seen you without your necklace. I was wondering if there was a story behind it? I do think it is really beautiful. I got a similar one that has the Serenity Prayer on it. I looks exactly like yours, but it doesn’t sparkle. I got it from a close friend who was moving across the country and I will treasure it!

This necklace is very special to me because it is from my beloved, Tim. It does hold a lot of significance to me for a lot of reasons because it stands for a lot of the values we hold dear in our relationship. I had realized that I had all these necklaces from my parents and grandparents that I was wearing and I wanted something from him that I could wear every day and so I mentioned that to him. Somewhere between being together for more than five years and less than ten years Tim gave me this circle of love necklace and to me it really did seal our relationship. He gave it to me for no reason – not an anniversary or a birthday – which is significant of our relationship as well. We are everyday people, celebrating everyday rather than waiting for big occasions. It is a diamond necklace and I feel the diamonds are a testimony to the strength, endurance and love Tim and I bring to each other.

Melissas Necklace

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