Do we always have to be so stressed about exercising?

by Melissa West on March 18, 2014

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“you can’t outrun your fork”

Stressed-about-ExercisingToday’s question comes to us from Cheryl via email:

Melissa, do we always have to feel stressed to do exercise?
Is doing your form of yoga enough for what they call do exercise 3 x a week? I’m so confused, and stressed on what to do in my life, I freeze and don’t do anything.

I just want to understand what I do.


Hi Cheryl

I think this is a great question.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I will link to below, As I mentioned in this post, the style of yoga I teach is good for strength, increase your flexibility, work your balance and the long holds work on the endurance of your strength, flexibility, and balance.The missing component is cardiovascular fitness.

One of my most favourite quotes recently is, “you can’t outrun your fork.” That is why I have been doing the “Thirsty Thursday” videos because I actually believe and research is now showing that what we put in our mouth is more important than exercise. Healthy eating is so much fun these days – whole foods, connecting with plants, it feels amazing.

I am going to be doing more videos on this in the near future because I get so many questions on diets, but eating and nurturing your food with nourishing food can be a whole other yoga practice. Listening how your body responds to the food that you fuel it with and responding to your body’s needs is a beautiful practice.

Here is a blog post that I did about it before about the relationship between food and exercise:

Here is another blog post that I did about your question:

and this one:

and this one:

This is definitely a hot topic with lots to consider and a mind boggling amount of information out there so I can understand the confusion.

Thanks for a great question!


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