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Trouble walking forward during sun salutations

How-to-do-Sun-Salutations-Walk-ThroughSo something that has been on my mind for a few months now is this: when doing sun salutations… going from lunge pose and walking the other leg forward to stand in a forward fold… I seem to be incapable of walking that leg forward to meet the other. I can only make it about 2/3 the way, and then I have to do a second walk forward (if you will)… do you have any idea what could be the problem? Maybe too weak in the upper body? Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. Thanks,Sandra

Dear Sandra
Thank you for your question. To answer this, I consulted our resident expert Mentor with Melissa graduate Lisa Kerr who is also an Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Lisa filmed Surya Namaskar A and B are of the traditional Ashtanga Primary series for our membership site.


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To answer your question, Lisa and I both agreed that there are a combination of things that contribute to the difficulty of getting your leg all the way forward.  

  1. Activation of your Bandhas
  2. Flexibility in your hips
  3. Tight hamstrings are huge in limiting how far you can walk up. Lisa says that if you bend your knees in your forward folds to accommodate your tight hamstrings, chances are this could be limiting your walk through as well.

Lisa suggests students just keep the flow of breath going and add in any extra steps they need..take an extra breath and exhale as they do their second walk. Just add an extra step into your own unique Sun Salutation


Activation of the Bandhas:

As far as the bandhas go, it is mostly your pelvic floor life and drawing your naval back to your spine here that is going to help give you the bouyancy that you need for the walk through in sun salutations.


For Hamstring and Hip Flexibility:

Lunge pose leaning  back to a hamstring stretch

To build up core strength – Downdog split to knee to elbow crunch – from downdog- come up onto your toes, lean your upper body forward, draw your right knee to your left elbow, reach right knee back to down dog split, repeat 10xs and switch sides


Here are some videos that can help you as well 🙂

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