Super Food Smoothie Saturday: Maca

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Maca one of the Super Foods

Maca-Super-Food-SmoothieOver the next few weeks we will be reviewing some of the superfoods that you can add to your smoothies to give them a nutritional boost. Let’s begin with Maca. This root plant was originally traded by the Incan warrior’s as currency it was so highly valued! It is native to Bolivia and Peru and grown in the Andes Mountains for the health benefits of its roots. The root has been used medicinally as far back as 1600 B.C. to balance the body’s endocrine system, provide energy and alleviate stress. Maca is known to be an adaptogen which means whatever is out of balance in your body it will bring it back into balance. It has a lovely flavour and aroma resembling a cross between vanilla and butterscotch.

Maca is known to:

  • increase strength and stamina
  • boost libido
  • improve your energy, treats chronic fatigue and insomnia
  • help with Fertility
  • Mood enhancer in menopause, relieves symptoms of menopause and regulates menstrual cycle
  • Sexual function in women Sexual function in men (including erectile dysfunction)
  • nourishes your endocrine system (normalizes estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men)
  • is used as a stress-fighting adaptogen.
  • Maca works as a leveler – basically trying to help your body get to the right levels of everything.
  • improves cognitive functioning, mental clarity and focus, enhancing mental and learning ability
  • stimulates immune system
  • makes skin look younger
  • strengthens teeth and bones
  • kills bacteria and fungus


Maca Smoothie
1 banana
1/2 cup brazil nuts
4 dates
1 tbsp. maca
1 1/2 -2 cups water
pour over ice


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