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Vlogging in Victoria

vlog-43-victoria-bcWe started our week with a walk with our hiking group Nature Victoria Explorations and James did some creative trail exploration 🙂 We hiked through the most incredible and gorgeous forest. The forest was alive with colour and diversity. We were on a hike with one woman who was fascinated with fungi 🙂 We ended up at Pearson College to fly the drone for a short bit.

On Monday we went to Dan’s Farm to get some fruits and veggies and fed the goats for a little goat therapy. 🙂

On Tuesday we filmed our new class for International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women which happens every year on November 25th. .

Yoga with Melissa 359 Yoga for the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women

We now have 5 classes on that topic, including a translation in Spanish, French and Italian

Along those lines, I am super excited to be involved in Dressember this year with one of my friends, fellow yoga teachers and a member of our community Nicci Rea. You can join our team or sponsor us here: Link

Slavery exists in every city in the world from brothels, to massage parlors. It is estimated that 35 million people in the world are trapped in slavery. 50% are children and 70% are women. The commercial sex trade is alive and well and women are being bought and sold like products. We can make a difference.

If you want to find out more about how a dress can change the world, you can watch this Ted Talk by Dressember Founder, Blythe Hill:

The money raised by Dressember goes to IJMInternational Justice Mission an organization that helps to free people from slavery around the world.

On Thursday we batch filmed a bunch of videos for this channel, Yoga Lifestyle with Melissa, answering your questions and we even did a Melissa’s Medicinal Tea video 🙂 I shared a little behind the scenes with you.

On Saturday I spent the day with my meditation teacher, Neil McKinlay  at Royal Roads University  for a day long retreat on Meditations that Welcome the Earth. Hately Castle was getting decked out for the holiday season.

Thanks so much for watching. Special shout out and thanks to my friends Jeff and Kristina for watching ( a link to their YouTube Channel)

I appreciate all of you. 🙂

With gratitude, Melissa


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