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Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 247 | Natarajasana/Dancer Pose | Chest Opener Yoga | 50 min Intermediate Hatha Yoga Class

October 3, 2014 Intermediate Yoga Class

Nourish your Soul This 50 minute intermediate hatha yoga class will teach you the yoga position natarajasna or dancer pose. The yoga posture is a basic yoga pose and through the class you will learn simple yoga poses and yoga positions for chest and shoulder pain. This hatha yoga class is filled with chest opener […]

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Nada Yoga: Om, Yoga for Hips, Yoga Stories 2, Yoga with Melissa 232

June 20, 2014 Advanced Yoga Class

Free Yoga Class on OM The first class in the Yoga Stories 2 series begins with the sounds of OM. OM is made up of three sounds A, U and M which represent Brahma the God of beginnings, Vishnu the God of preservation and Shiva the God of endings. When you chant the sound of […]

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Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 230: Eagle Pose or Garudasana, 50 min yoga class, Dhyana: The Eight Limbs of Yoga

June 6, 2014 Intermediate Yoga Class

Continuous Meditation The seventh class in the eight limbs of yoga series is about dhyana or meditation. Dhyana arises naturally out of the sixth limb, dharana, a gentle awareness. The difference between the two is that dhyana is continuous. In this class we will use eagle pose to generate a continuous focus and as a […]

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Yoga with Melissa 223: How to Use a Yoga Strap, 20 ways in 1 hour, Intermediate Yoga Class, Making a Connection

April 4, 2014 Intermediate Yoga Class

Yoga Straps Class Yoga props like the yoga strap allow you to receive the benefit of the yoga pose without overextending yourselves, thus experiencing greater ease and stability and more connection with your breath in the pose. And yet, a lot of times people hold back from using props such as yoga straps. Perhaps people […]

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Yoga with Melissa 211, How to Tame Your Monkey Mind, Hanuman Series

January 10, 2014 Intermediate Yoga Class

First Class in Hanuman Series: Introduction to Hanuman Hanuman is a half-monkey, half-human Hindu deity who is the central character of the Ramayana. Hanuman mind symbolizes monkey mind which is restless and never still. Yet we can have control over it. We can’t control the world around us, but we can have control over our […]

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What is Advanced Yoga, 50 min Yoga Class, Benefits of Yoga Series, Yoga with Melissa 210

January 6, 2014 Intermediate Yoga Class

Intermediate Class Being an advanced yogi and advancing in your yoga practice in my opinion has less to do with complicated extreme asana. Instead it is about being able to listen inwardly on a deep and subtle level. Ganga White, author of Yoga Beyond Belief and I agree on this point that awareness is much […]

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Yoga with Melissa 209, Age Acceptance Yoga (1 hr), Benefits of Yoga Series

December 20, 2013 Intermediate Yoga Class

Age Acceptance According to Ayurveda our life is divided into four stages. From about birth to twenty five years we are in a kapha stage of life. At this stage of life children and young adults display many kapha qualities. They need a lot of sleep, they have an ability to learn easily and retain […]

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Yoga with Melissa 203, Yoga for Inner Awareness, Benefits of Yoga Series

November 8, 2013 Intermediate Yoga Class

Internal Awareness Intermediate Class Many of us have become so busy in our day to day lives that we have forgotten how to listen and trust our bodies. Our culture teaches us to override fatigue with caffeine and sugar. In overriding the needs of our bodies we become disconnected and estranged from our internal experience […]

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Beginner Yoga How to do Bridge Pose and Shoulderstand, Yoga with Melissa 155

December 8, 2012 Beginners Yoga Class

Props Needed: Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, wall Yoga Postures/Asanas: shoulder releases, Locust/Salabhasana, Cobra Building/Bhujangasana, Bridge Pose/Setu Bandhasana, Neck Releases, Shoulderstand/Sarvangasana, Janu Sirsasana/Head Beyond Knee Pose with Neck Releases Thank you for making us Canada’s Most Popular Free One Hour Online Yoga Show. Thank you for leaving your ratings, comments and testimonials For more great videos […]

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Yoga with Melissa 149 Shiva Series How Shiva Got his Blue Throat, Yoga to Release Your Neck

October 26, 2012 Beginners Yoga Class

Yoga with Melissa 149 is a hatha yoga class to release your neck in preparation for shoulderstand. The story of how Shiva got his blue throat and the churning of the ocean of consciousness is such a great story. It reminds us that when we come to the meditation cushion or the yoga mat and […]

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