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I’m Pregnant

June 12, 2013 Melissa's Blog Posts
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Siri asks, can I do Yoga? Hi Melissa!  I`m pregnant, and I`m wondering if I can continue to practice “normal” yoga throughout the 1st trimester and then start prenatal yoga when I enter the 2nd trimester? Or should start prenatal yoga right away? Namaste Siri Dear Siri Congratulations on your pregnancy. Since you have been […]

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I’m pregnant what precautions should I take during yoga

October 8, 2012 Melissa's Blog Posts

I’m pregnant, what precautions should I take during yoga? Today’s question comes to us from Facebook I think I’m pregnant, I’m going for a check-up Wednesday, buuuuuut! The deal is… I cannot live without my yoga classes with you!!!! I know I still can do yoga, but which asanas should I refrain from doing? I still […]

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