Thank you for your support through Dressember : Vlog 48

by Melissa West on January 2, 2017

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Thank you : Vlog 48

We started our week with a hike at China Beach. Trinity and I wanted to go to Mystic Beach, but Tim tricked us into China Beach. It was a wet and damp to your bones day in B.C. China Beach has a lot of stairs! The waves were huge. I hope you enjoy the surgers 🙂

Wednesday I spent the day making my shift dress. My sewing machine did arrive in time to sew in time for me to make my shift dress for Dressember and I was able to make it in time to do a Facebook Liverstream for you. Wednesday afternoon we took the Dressember photo in front of the Tug boats.

New Years eve we went for another family hike at the bottom of Mount Doug.

On New Year’s Day we did mailtime 🙂 Thank you to everybody who sent us Christmas cards. Special thank you to Hannah for the journal she sent me with her own artwork 🙂

Dressember was awesome. Our team (Nicci, Nikki, Jenn, Harmony, Aynne, Madeline, and Laura) raised $2,700 to help end human trafficking. Thank you to all of you who contributed with your sponsorship dollars and support. It wasn’t painful at all. I learned so much about fast fashion and I can’t wait to do it again next year with even more of you on our team.

Special thanks to our Dressember Donators:

Donna Swabey
Kathleen Dalton
Maggie Arndt
Kelley Modlin
Vince Caccamo (Nicci’s Dad)
Alice Bradshaw
Kathleen Seeley
Bene Bonneaud
Caroline Anderson
Melanie Randolph
Anja Shwalen
Pamela Wheelock
BJ Long
Lisa Doering
Susan Scherback
Anne Scharff
Kelly Childs
Linzi Rinckel
Michele Abercrombie-Riva
Sue West
Ann Soltys
Randy Thill
Nancy Bohnett
Maria Martinez
Laura Moyer – who joined our team
Lisa McGibbon
Hannah GIlley
Julie Sorhaitz
Jessica Dalgliesh
Peige Rosales
Char Ashford

Here is a collection of dresses I wore for Dressember 🙂

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