Thirsty Thursday’s Sweet Surrender Pineapple Juice

by Melissa West on April 25, 2013

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Today I want to share with you something that blew my mind from the Father of juicing, Jay Kordich.  I came across this video and watched somebody from Jay Kordich’s team juice the rind of the pineapple and all! I thought, that can’t be and I did some more research. Can you really juice the rind of a pineapple?

Apparently you can juice the rind of a pineapple. The rind is actually the primary source of bromelain which is a natural digestive enzyme and also a natural anti-inflammatory.

Sweet Surrender


How to juice a pineappleHealth Benefits of Pineapple

as I mentioned the anti-inflammatory agent bromelain is fantastic for helping prevent inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis

Digestive Aid
bromelain helps with digestion by breaking down proteins
This is fantastic for anybody suffering from IBS, gas, nausea, and constipation

pineapples are loaded with vitamin C which helps repair free-radical damage to our cells from air pollution, pesticides, cigarette smoke, and alcohol consumption to name just a few examples.

Gives you More Energy
Pineapple contains B6 and thiamin. Thiamin helps to convert glucose into energy and has a role in nerve function. B6 is needed for protein and carbohydrate metabolism, the formation of red blood cells and certain brain chemicals. It influences brain processes and development, immune function and steroid hormone activity.

Kidney Health
Pineapple is high in potassium which aids in kidney function

Strong Bones
pineapples have loads of a trace mineral called manganese which your body needs to build bones and connective tissues

Glass Straws!

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