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Thirsty Thursday

A lot of you have been commenting on my juices on Facebook and Instagram and asking what I put in them and so we decided to put together a Thirsty Thursday feature where we talk about juicing and I share some of my juicing tips, recipes and benefits.

Tip: Find a local Co-Op and Order Organic Produce. We order from Durham Organics. You get a fabulous variety of fresh organic produce delivered to your door, most of the time not available at your local grocery store.

Prepare all your fruits and veggies ahead of time. Wash and cut up your fruits and Veggies so that they are all ready to go into your juicer.

Today I am juicing:

  • Beets
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Kale

Benefits: The benefits of juicing are that you get tones of micro-nutrients delivered quickly into your system without taxing your digestive system.


  1. have a pigment called betalin which is an antioxidant, is anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, aids in detoxification
  2. betalin is lost when it is cooked
  3. helps with anemia, heals liver, kidneys eyes
  4. benefits your skin, lymphatic system


  1. contains vitamin C, potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorus, folic acid and silicon
  2. boosts your immune system by stimulating your white blood cells
  3. is anti-inflammatory so helps with inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  4. good for cardiovascular health
  5. lowers cholesterol
  6. alleviates muscle pain


vitamin C
alkalizes body
cleanses liver
protects against inflammatory diseases like rhematoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
aids in digestion 

beta kerotene is an antioxidant that builds your body’s immune system
chlorophyll which is the pigment which makes it green is an antioxidant anti-inflammatory, and aids in gastro-intestinal problems – so it helps with digestion
folate – for healthy heart and anticancer properties
isothiocyanates – gives it the pungent taste but also prevents hormone cancers
and lutein and zeaxanthin – prevents blindness as you age

If you are looking for more inspiration Tim, Trinity and I just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night and loved it!
He has a website called Reboot with Joe

Book 2 Vs. 40-41 of the Yoga Sutras Alberto Villoldo’s Translation Yoga Power and Spirit

Practice purity
lose your fascination with your body
and the physical form of others
You will perceive beauty with different eyes

When purity goes below your skin and
penetrates to the essence of your being,
you will no longer be in the grips of your passions,
Your heart becomes pure,
your mind innocent,
your concentration effortless
and your inner vision clear.

Thirsty Thursdays


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