Three Mountains in One Day! Vlog #16

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Three Mountains in One Day!

Vlog-16---Three-Mountains-in-One-DayThank you so much for your support for our epic video campaign. Tim and I are filled with gratitude and appreciation for your support in purchasing a new drone and gimble. We are so excited about the new content that we are going to be able to create for you.

We went on a couple of lovely hikes this week, starting with one on Wednesday at Elk Lake and Beaver Lake with our friends Nature Victoria Explorations. We walked through a lot of marsh lands and enjoyed the birds. I show you some native blackberries (so now you will know the difference between our local native blackberries and the Himalayan blackberries).

Thursday we filmed Namaste Yoga on a sunny, cool and windy day. You get to hear me speak about the challenges of outdoor filming. Amazing I can complain in such beautiful surroundings. We scouted out a new location for filming in View Royal as well. 🙂

I got to hang out with our friend Justice (from our videographers meetup) on Friday evening and so I show you a fun roof top location with Urban Smart Farms. On Friday night we went to the opening of the Victoria Kite Festival. It was so cool to see all the kites lit up at night.

Saturday we went on one of the hardest hikes I have done here so far in B.C. to Mount McDonald, Mellow Malcom Mountain and John Stick Peak. You get to see us climb and climb and climb some more. You get to see some amazing lookout points.

We finished the week at the kite festival with some super fun kites. Thanks for another great week everybody 🙂


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