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No Time for Yoga?

Do you Struggle to Find Time for Your Yoga Practice?

Too many work and after work commitments?

Are you a Yoga Teacher with a full teaching Schedule?

Do you have a baby or children that makes it hard to practice yoga?

Over 30% of the respondents to our recent survey told me they struggled to make the time for their yoga practice. You are not alone.

You know when you don’t have time for yoga, you experience anxiety, depression, stress, lack of focus, stiffness, pain in your body, more health problems, your existing health problems are worse, lack of balance, lack of flexibility, lack of strength, your sleep patterns suffer, your immune system isn’t as strong, your digestive system doesn’t work as well, your self esteem suffers, you reach for caffeine, sugar, and alcohol more often, your relationships suffer, you make less time for self-care in general, and you don’t eat as well. When you practice yoga, you know everything just works better.

That is why I am running a Free How to Find Time for Your Yoga Practice Webinar to help you find Time for your Yoga Practice with 3 easy action steps.

I have had a personal at home yoga practice for two decades. I have had it when I had a job outside of the home, I have had it when I’ve had a commute that is over an hour long, I have had it when I’ve had a newborn baby, toddler, child, and now a teenager. I’ve had it when I was a student working on my masters, a Ph.D., teaching at a university,  teaching yoga classes in gyms, studios, private yoga therapy, thai massage, and now as I run a successful online business with a huge online global community, creating 5 unique, original videos a week, being the model for a clothing line, responding to emails, comments on social media, and the day in and day out running of a business. I know what it is to have a full life and commitments. And, I know how to make time in my schedule for my yoga practice.

When you join our Webinar I will share with you my secrets (they will surprise you!) and  I will help you find solutions to your time problem in 3 easy actionable steps. These will be solutions that you can put into action right away to make time for your yoga practice, no matter how busy you are.

You will Learn to

  • Find time to practice yoga regularly
  • Find time to practice yoga in between work and after work commitments & obligations
  • Find time to practice yoga with babies and children
  • Find time to practice yoga if you have a full yoga teaching schedule
  • Finding time to practice yoga if you have limited time

Date and Time: Sat, Jan 9, 2016 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PST

Sign up here. Limited to 100 people.


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