Translations of Yoga with Melissa

by Melissa West on

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Habla usted español? Você fala português? Parli Italiano? Spreekt u Nederlands?

If you’re interested a couple of Namaste Yoga Episodes into your native language,
it’s probably easier than you think and we would be most appreciative!

The process is really simple.

1. Let us know that you’re interested by filling out the form below

2. I will be in contact with you with the episode to translate (probably a beginners Yoga class)

3. Tim will be in touch with the technical requirements (basically if you have a computer with a microphone that’s perfect)

4. Then in your own time, you’ll watch an episode and translate a show, email it to Tim and he will remove my voice and add yours to a Namaste Yoga episode

If this sounds exciting and perhaps a little but of fun, fill out the form below and help us spread Namaste Yoga to your friends, fellow Yogis and relatives in your chosen language!

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