Trying Korean Fried Chicken in Victoria B.C.

by Melissa West on January 8, 2018

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Trying Korean Fried Chicken

One thing we have noticed is that you love our food vlogs. You love it when we go to bakeries and you love to talk about food! So we thought we would bring you more food this year in our vlog.

Starting out in 2018, we thought we would try out 2 new restaurants in Victoria BC. Both are Korean Fried Chicken Restaurants:

Chimac Korean Pub and Fried Chicken

Chicken 649 Victoria

Tim and I have never tried Korean fried chicken before, so we didn´t know what we were getting ourselves into.

We tried to order comparable items from the menu for takeout. We had sweet honey from chicken 659 and Spicy Chili chicken from Chimac Korean Pub and Fried Chicken. They were quite different from each other in fact, sorry, we are not experts!

Anyway, Chimac Korean Pub and Fried Chicken is much more of a pub environment where you would go to have a beer and wings with a bunch of friends after work. It is right downtown, close to the water and the heart of the tourist district as well. Great location.

Chicken 649 is a bit of a ways out of the downtown vicinity on Quadra and more difficult to find. It is much more of a family environment and was doing a booming take out business on Friday night when we arrived.

Both places were excellent, however side by side we preferred the chicken from chicken 649. I thought the meat was better quality, less gristle and less bone.

We do not eat out that often and this is not what we would normally choose when we eat out. We would love to enjoy more vegetables with our meals normally, although vegetables are often quite absent when you eat out at many restaurants. It was incredibly tasty and I have been finding myself thinking about it ever since, so who knows, I may go back!

If you made it all the way to the end of the video, be sure to put, ¨I feel like chicken tonight.¨ in the comments. Thanks so much for watching the vlogs and let us know if you would like to see more food vlogs in 2018 as well.

Namaste, Melissa

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