Tummy Tune-Up

by Melissa West on

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This week I am super excited to juice a cocktail that will help with your digestive system.

Right now at our grocery store fennel is 3 or $5!!! Fennel is fantastic for digestion, stomach cramps, heartburn, and bloating. Fennel relaxes the muscle lining of the digestive tract. In today’s recipe we will also be juicing ginger which is also fantastic for your digestive system. It also tones the muscles in the intestine and stimulates the breakdown of food. Ginger helps soothe gas pain, metabolize fat and relieve stomach pain.

Thirsty Thursdays 2For our tips today we are going to focus on high yield fruits and vegetables to create a cocktail to improve your digestive health. My choices in veggies today are high yield. Fennel has a high water count and so has a high juice yield. I’ve been saving the stems left over from my kale salad which also have a higher juice yield than the leaves and all the same nutritional benefits.

My other tip today comes from Namaste Yogi Jenn Ashton who recommended these fabulous stainless steel straws  which she correctly thought would be far less breakable than the glass ones. Thank you Jenn! I love them!

Tummy Tune-Up Juicing Recipe:







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