Twists and Colds for Yoga Detox

by Melissa West on August 21, 2013

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Lindsay from Facebook Asks:

Twists-and-ColdsMelissa, I have a question about twists. I understand that twists are detoxifying for our intestines, but can it worsen cold (or any other ailment) symptoms? I was just getting over a cold the last few days and after practicing a bunch of twists during a yoga class last night it seemed that it had came back with a vengeance. What are your thoughts about this?

This is a great question Lindsay, I could see that there are some theories in yoga that would support why your cold would seem to get worse after practicing twists – it is really just your body detoxifying. So your intestines have toxins in them called ‘maya’ in the form of mucous, they can either move down and out as waste through your large intestine (which is the proper route) but if they don’t they move up and out, like they did in your case when you have a cold. That is why colds are really not something to fight off or be worried about – it is your body detoxifying itself. One thing my students will notice happening when they practice my yoga detox video which is available on the membership site is that they will have to blow their nose about half way through! So this is the same thing you are talking about. Toxins moving up and out of your body instead of down and out through your large intestines. Most important thing is to eat and live purely to prevent the toxic buildup in the first place.


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