Uncovering Joy on Namaste Yoga with Willow

by Melissa West on July 23, 2012

Last night I had a dream I was being chased by a snake in the water. Eventually the snake caught up with me and bit me on my hand. I had to pry the snake off my hand and throw it back in the water. This morning I looked up the meaning of the dream.

Water represents emotions and if you feel fear when you see the snake in your dream (as I did) it indicates that you are having difficulties facing the unknown or uncertain in your life.

If you dream you are being chased by a snake it means that you are facing an intimidating situation in your life that is haunting you. Emotions that you have not dealt with are coming back at you.

If you dream of being bitten by a snake it means that you need to pay attention to something that you’ve been avoiding ┬ábecause it was too intimidating or uncomfortable.

This morning as I began filming a second chakra class for the membership site (there are no coincidences) I recalled this dream – the snake and the water – both associated with the second chakra. The snake symbolizes the power of kundalini or life force which lies dormant at the level of the second chakra – just waiting to be released. Water is the element of the second chakra.

I shared the dream with my students as an example of a life connection and offered the sample intention of allowing the emotions that needed to be uncovered to be revealed during the yoga class.

The video that I share with you reveals the universe working in perfect and divine order. Joy was the emotion that needed to be uncovered this morning. Willow showed up and brought with her the emotion of pure joy. She reminds us that spiritual work is as much about revealing our light as our shadow.

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