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by Melissa West on November 25, 2013

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Today’s question comes to us from Shana from Facebook:

Strong-Back-YogaMelissa you often talk about using your back to support your arms in asanas like victory squats and warrior 1 poses. To do this you say pull your shoulder blades back and lift your arms and pull your shoulder blades back and lie back in shavasana. How do you do this?

This is going to be a little tricky to describe in words, but hopefully I can show it better in the video. So the first question about using your back to support your arms. The best place to explain this is in Warrior Two pose. It works really well to have a friend hold your arms and take the entire weight of your arms. Then engage the muscles between your shoulder blades, your rhomboid muscles, not your shoulder muscles, to hold your arms up, when your friend lets go. I hope I will have an assistant to show this on video!

Secondly, in savasana, I imagine my shoulder blades like the palms of my hands cupping the back of my heart. This image really works well for me to tuck my shoulder blades under. It is a little scoop under action that allows my shoulders to rest much more deeply in shavasana.

I hope this video helps clear that up. Great questions!

Thank you for asking!

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