Vacation Time on Salt Spring Island: Vlog 27

by Melissa West on August 8, 2016

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Vacation Time

Vlog27We started our week heading off to Salt Spring Island for a mini vacation! Our first stop was the Salt Spring Cheese company, a charming farm and place to visit. After the cheese factory we went to Ruckle Provincial Park. Later that afternoon we ventured up Mount Maxwell in Matilda the Mazda. Salt Spring Island is loaded with tons of road side stands. At the cottage we did lots of kayaking, created a sauna in the cottage with fires in the wood stove and generally had a relaxing time.

Wednesday morning Trinity and I started our day with a mother/daughter canoe ride. One of the most fun finds on Salt Spring Island was the Moon Shine Mama´s Tumeric Lime Elixir.  It made me think of Michelle, the leader of our Moonstruck section on our membership community. We went back up Mount Maxwell and shared some more views with you 🙂 I did some natural movement using a log on Beddis Beach (I have no idea why I thought it was called Big Mama Beach!)

Thursday morning I started my day with a solo canoe ride. Thursday we went back to Ruckle Provincial park for a hike and a picnic. During the hike, Trinity and I filmed more natural movement using some logs and trees. This is great for balance, proprioception, your vestibular system, mobility, agility, and building bone density. We actually did manage to swim across to the other dock and back! It felt like quite an accomplishment to me! 🙂

Friday morning we finished our vacation with a hike at Peter Arnell Park. The hike was really pretty with the early morning light. I take you on more natural movement with balancing and crawling on a 45 degree log. We stopped one last time at Embes bakery for boston cream donuts before we left.

Friday afternoon we got home and did mailtime. Thank you Fiona for your mail.

The necklace I got was made of black tourmaline and fern terrarium which is said to repel negative energy. It is a protective stone.

It was from: Zoka Kurylov on Etsy

I finished out the vlog showing you how the natural movement and bullet journaling came together for me to set some goals for myself. My ultimate goal is to be able to go on the strenuous hikes with our hiking group. I am building my fitness – strength, cardio, and endurance so that I will be able to join the strenuous hikes!

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Namaste, Melissa


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