Vajrapradama Mudra

by Melissa West on April 18, 2014

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Vajrapradama Mudra

Vajrapradama-MudraToday we will practice the vajapradama mudra. This is the gesture of unshakable trust. Throughout this trip, I have realized how much trust has played into our decision to move to the west coast. We are trusting that what lies before us is what will be right for us. Even this road trip involves a certain amount of trust. Trusting that we can handle anything that comes our way – we have experienced wind, rain, snow storms and we have had to work together as a team as a family in small spaces! 😉

This mudra, the vajrapradama mudra, helps us to gather our inner strength and self confidence. It helps us to connect with the Divine and the wisdom and guidance that is always there for us.

Affirmation: I trust and am connected to my Divine Guidance and know that all the right people, places and opportunities are coming into my life at exactly the right time.










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