Vanilla Ice Cream – Epic Fail

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Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla-Ice-Cream---Epic-FailSince we released the yoga for strength series on our membership site our members have been craving ice cream! The series came out in the middle of a heat wave, so that could have something to do with it! I promised them I would show them how to make healthy ice cream at home. They told me that ice cream is a food group at their home, but they would rather limit or eliminate their dairy consumption.

Khalid said,
My lovely daughter Nahar bought ice cream maker this week. Now its 5 days and we’re waiting for her treat. I hope it will work because all of us don’t take milk. She said she’ll use soy, rice milk or maybe almond. All of us are talking about the new ice cream maker but no one is making it. Any help??
David in particular requested no more fructose, glucose dextrose and other sugary poisons!!! I agree!
So this recipe is an answer to their requests and hopefully will solve many problems πŸ™‚

To make this ice cream you will need a nut milk bag, a high speed blender and an ice cream maker.

I have a Cuisinart ice cream maker. You put the bowl in the freezer and pull it out when frozen and your ice cream mixture gets churned with a paddle. This bowl needs to be good and frozen. If your freezer is not cold enough (like mine isn’t a lot of the the time) then you will not get good ice cream, you will get a sloppy milk shake. Just thought I would help troubleshoot for you.
I can often get around this by chilling my ice cream mixture before putting it in the ice cream bowl. Chill your mixture overnight and then for 20 minutes in the Cuisinart bowl in the freezer before churning.

Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

OK, so here is what we are going to do today. First we will make our mixture.

Soak 1 cup of almonds overnight
Blend it with 2 cups of water to make a cream
Strain it through your nut milk bag

Put your almond cream back in the blender to make your ice cream base

4 tbsp. agave nectar (or 20 drops vanilla creme stevia)
1 tsp. vanilla (omit if you are using vanilla creme stevia)
a pinch of salt to heighten the flavours
blend it up

Chill overnight, then put it in the freezer bowl for 20 minutes before you turn on your Cuisinart ice cream maker if you don’t have a really cold freezer like me! πŸ™‚

You can add chocolate chips or fruit in the last few minutes of churning! The possibilities are endless! πŸ™‚

Vegan Ice Cream SuccessUpdate to the Failed Ice Cream

After leaving the ice cream in the freezer for a few hours and pulling it out the ice cream was lovely.


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