Victoria BC welcomes Spring…Finally : Vlog 59

by Melissa West on March 20, 2017

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Spring in Victoria

We started our week with some filming (would you believe that?) I filmed a video about what is hatha yoga? Hatha yoga is its own style of yoga. Hatha is a sanskrit word which breaks down to ha for sun and tha for moon. Just like the sun brings the energy to the day and the moon brings the quiet to the night, hatha yoga balances the energy in our body.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Tuesday afternoon we spent some time at Government House admiring the spring flowers. I spent Tuesday morning in a meeting with the leaders of our membership community, planning out the months ahead.

Friday afternoon we went on a hike at Mount Work Regional Park. We made a pact not to do the entire hike. This is the kind of vlogging I like to do. The woods were lush and alive at Mount Work Regional Park. We did a photoshoot fo Squeezed yoga clothing on Thursday. Next week will be full of filming with all the class planning I have been doing.

In a few weeks we are going for a little March break trip on the island, can you guess where we are going?

Thank you Maris for your support on my YouTube channel. Check out her beginner Yin Yoga video on my channel. I did a beginner hatha yoga class on Marisโ€™ channel Yoga Upload so check it out, too.

Marisโ€™ class on my channel:

Yin Yoga for Beginners with Maris Aylward of Yoga Upload: Yoga with Melissa 375

Beginner Hatha Yoga with Melissa on Yoga Upload:


  • Jannie

    Did I some how miss you saying if you finished the whole hike or stuck to your plan to not do the whole hike ? Loved seeing the blooming flowers. It was a nice day today, about 50 degrees and we went hiking up at the Dunes (Lake Michigan). This was my sixth time doing the 3 Dune Challenge! And, this time, I climbed each dune without stopping. Yeah me! Working toward the goal of doing the 3 Dune Challenge two times in a row (same day) wit a brief rest between- so, a Six Dune Challenge! ๐Ÿ˜€ They have t-shirts to buy saying you did the 3 Dune Chalenge. I bought one the first time. Now, every time since, Joe asks me if I want to buy another shirt. LOL. But, today, I told him maybe I need to embroider tally marks on the t-shirt for each time I do it. So am getting so excited for Spring. I am so in need of sunshine. Thank you for sharing your week. I always look forward to your Vlogs. Jannie

    • Dear Jannie,
      We just did a little loop. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was nice. The Dune challenge sounds awesome! I like your idea of embroidering tally marks on your t-shirt. Hope your spring comes soon too! Thanks for watching the vlogs! ๐Ÿ™‚ Namaste, Melissa

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