Weekly Challenges Feature of the Membership Site

by Melissa West on October 2, 2012

Weekly Challenges Feature of the Membership Site

Hi I’m Dr. Melissa West and today I wanted to let you know about one of the features of the membership site. Each week at the beginning of the week on Sunday morning, I post a weekly challenge to the membership site. The challenge includes a reflection and focus for the week. Also included in the weekly challenge is a list of suggested practices for the week. These include videos and meditations from the membership site that follow the theme of the challenge for the week. So for example last week we did a challenge on the anomaya kosha which translates as the body full of food. It included a reflection on mindful eating and then challenged the members to complete the Annomaya Kosha Class as well as the Mindful Eating Workshop on the membership site that week which includes a lecture, meditation yoga class. Throughout the week members talk about their experience with the challenge on the forum. The members find the weekly challenges help them to stay on track with their yoga practice and gives a sense of community and camaraderie to their practice.  It is just one more benefit of the membership site.


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