What Can Yoga Do for You | New Year 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 1

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What Can Yoga Do for You

If you are wondering what yoga can do for you, in other words the benefits of yoga, then this short 5 minute video is for you. To start off our new year 31 day yoga challenge we will explore what yoga is good for, the advantages of yoga. I will talk about the health benefits of yoga for you, the benefits of yoga for specifically for women and the benefits of yoga specifically for men. There are many different types of yoga and I will speak specifically to the types of yoga that I teach: hatha yoga benefits, restorative yoga benefits, yin yoga benefits, yoga nidra benefits and meditation benefits. There are many other types of yoga that have lots of benefit as well, but I will stick to the focus of my channel.

We will discuss what yoga poses are good for your health. How  yoga asanas or yoga positions and yoga moves affect your body, but also much deeper than that, how they affect your mind, your emotions, your thoughts, your energy and your spirit. This video will motivate, inspire and encourage you to participate in our New Year 31 Day Yoga Challenge. Leave two hearts in the comments if you are excited about the next 31 days together.

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So where to start? What are the benefits of hatha yoga?

Let´s start with your physical body. When you practice yoga you will get more flexible, stronger, and you will improve your balance. If you practice forms of yoga that have long holds you will improve your endurance. There are even some forms of yoga, like vinyasa flow or ashtanga where you can improve your cardiovascular fitness.

More specifically yoga has many health benefits. There are lots of yoga poses that will help if you have back pain. Yoga can help with osteoporosis by building bone density, lead to a decrease in heart attacks and strokes by improving blood circulation, and improve your immunity by draining lymph. Yoga is much better at lowering blood pressure than lying on the couch which will also reduce your risk of a stroke.

The health benefits of yoga for women specifically lie in them being able to meet with our cyclical needs throughout the month and during specific times in our lives. Because women menstruate, yoga can be particularly helpful for dealing with PMS, turning inward, relieving menstrual cramps and regulating their menstrual cycle overall. For women preparing for childbirth, prenatal yoga is an excellent way to prepare for labour. Postnatal yoga is a wonderful way to come back to your body and recovery from childbirth. For women in the menopausal years, yoga is a wonderful way to navigate that transition as well. There are even specific yoga poses that are beneficial for women´s breast health.

I realize we are all motivated by pain and pleasure so for the health benefits of yoga for men specifically, probably the number one reason why men will want to practice yoga is that it will improve their sex life. A 2010 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that yoga improves all sexual functions in men, including desire, performance, erection, and ejaculation control.

Not only that, but, In India, women took part in a 12-week yoga study reported improvements in several areas of sexuality, including desire, orgasm, and overall satisfaction.

If that doesn´t motivate the men out there, how about those aches and pains that I get to hear all about after the soccer game every week? Yoga will improve your flexibility and mobility and make it easier for you to be the awesome weekend warriors that you are, plus I am sure that the fifa scouts will be way more likely to notice you once you start practicing yoga, I know they are at all of your must win games and weekly practices, because they are at my husband´s too.

One of the major benefits of practicing yoga is for our emotional body. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, stress, anger, or depression, there are yoga poses and sequences that can help with all these emotional discomforts and challenges.

Mentally, we live in a time where there is so much information and we are attention is being pulled in so many directions, from our work, to social media. Because of this we lack focus, experience stress, anxiety and insomnia. Yoga gives us the tools to calm and clear our minds and come into the present moment, letting go of the constant mental overstimulation.

Let´s talk about some of the more specialized forms of yoga that I teach.

What are the benefits of restorative yoga? Well I know we are all exhausted and more over extended than ever before. The expectations placed on us from work, to family life, to friends, to social media – the bar just keeps getting raised. Which leads to exhaustion. We all need restorative yoga. As Judith Hanson Lasater says, we need to disconnect, settle into ourselves and rest in silence. ¨Slowing down is the same thing as waking up.¨

The benefits of yin yoga on the other hand is that it accesses the deeper connective tissues, ligaments and joints in our bodies. The long holds with gentle traction help to prevent the loss of mobility in your joints, prevent degeneration of your bones, reduces fixation of the joints and improves joint hydration. Additionally, yin yoga is a deeply energetic and mindful practice. Yin yoga practices with the meridian channels of the body and encourages an inward focus and is a deeply meditative practice.

Yoga nidra is a style of yoga that I will be bringing forward more on my channel in 2018. It is a style of yoga that puts you into a conscious sleep that is more restful than sleep itself. It is a powerful meditation technique is incredibly rejuvenating for your physical, mental and emotional body. If you are exhausted and I know many of you are, then this is a style of yoga that you are going to want to learn more about.

So there you have it, a by no means exhaustive list of what yoga can do for you and the benefits of yoga to start our New Year 31 Day Challenge.

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I look forward to the next 30 days with you. Be sure to subscribe to join the 31 day challenge, leave two hearts in the comments if you are going to join us. Let me know in the comments which benefit is of most interest to you and I will see you tomorrow.

Namaste, Melissa


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