What is stress? What can you do about it?

by Melissa West on November 16, 2015

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What is stress? What can you do about it?

What-is-stressMy teacher and founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy was once quoted as saying, “stress is wanting things to be different than they are.” Isn’t that the truth? When you want things to be different than they are it creates a lot of stress in your mind, body, emotions, energy and spirit.

So what can you do about it. You can bring loving kindness, awareness and acceptance to your body, mind, emotions and spirit. In his book, Full Catastrophe Living, Jon Kabat Zin, points out that we waste a lot of energy denying things that are already fact. Kabat Zin recommends intentionally cultivating acceptance to create the preconditions for healing. He says that you don’t have to like everything or take a passive attitude towards everything, it just means coming around to seeing things as they are.

Today I am going to recommend several free yoga classes that will allow you to cultivate acceptance in your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Namaste Yoga 4, one of my first ever online yoga classes was on acceptance.

This practice is about learning to accept what we discover about ourselves with compassion and kindness. We being to love ourselves as perfectly imperfect beings. When we struggle we accept the struggle. Through this practice we can begin to see what is easy for us to accept and what is more difficult for us to accept and how to carry that out into our lives.

Namaste Yoga 141 is another class on acceptance

In this class we practiced tree pose as a powerful symbol of acceptance. Trees graciously withstand the seasons releasing their leaves in the fall, waiting patiently through winter for their rebirth in the spring. They sway in the wind and yet do not snap under pressure. They do all this with acceptance and without resistance.

In Namaste Yoga 211 you will gain Jack Kornfield’s RAIN formula for acceptance. RAIN stands for recognition, acceptance, investigation and non-identification.

We also have a few themed classes on acceptance. Namaste Yoga 209 will allow you to accept your age and Namaste Yoga 180 will allow you to accept your weight.

Leave your comments below. Let me know what you are saying goodbye to stress today and bringing to acceptance. 🙂



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