What made the biggest difference?

by Melissa West on April 2, 2014

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Biggest-difference-on-TransformationToday’s question comes from Facebook from Michele:

Melissa … what would you say has been your most significant change/enhancement toward your beautiful transformation? Giving up sugar? Being sober? Juicing/blending? Surrendering to The Divine? Curious … thanks

If you want to know more about my transformation you can listen to me talk about it here: Melissa’s Transformation

Hi Michele, this is such a great question! I would say it is a version of surrendering to the divine – which is ultimately listening to my own body. When I listen to my own body I knew that my body could no longer tolerate sugar or alcohol, that I needed more sleep, that my body wanted to juice and now it wants herbal teas. I just keep listening to that small voice within, it always knows what is best for me! <3

There are so many diets and experts out there, but as I teach in yoga, you know your body best and only you can respond to the needs of your own body.







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