What to do on Mayne Island

by Melissa West on May 1, 2017

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Top Five things to do on Mayne Island

Lots of fun to share with you this week on our vlog. Tim throws himself over a stake! We take a ferry ride and go to another Gulf Island! So be sure to subscribe to our channel if you are liking our 4 islands in 4 weeks series and like the video.

It wasn´t an overly busy ferry to Mayne Island. We had to do a two-island hop to get to Mayne Island. First we stopped on Saturna.

Upon arriving on Mayne Island, Tim and I had a ¨discussion¨ about a habit he has of correcting and directing me on camera after he gives me direction prior to pressing record. He promises not to do it anymore and throws himself over a stake.

The first place we stopped was Sunny Mayne Bakery Cafe. You definitely have to make this your first stop too. The donut croissants are amazing. I loved the soup that was recommended. I got the clam chowder. Tim got a sandollar as well. It was also delicious. We had our soup, donut croissants and clam chowder before climbing Mount Park.

We saw a few slugs on our journey, so my day was complete 🙂

Mount Parke Mountain is a pretty challenging climb, although not by B.C. standards. There were joggers who ran by us, up the mountain as if we were standing still. Tim does some running even. The views from the top of Mount Parke are incredible. For some reason I thought we were going on a short jaunt through Mount Parke. The word ¨Mount¨ should have been the dead giveaway. Anyway, the moral of the story is pack water and snacks.

After Mount Parke Park we went to Bennett Bay Beach. Next stop was the lighthouse.

The Japanese garden was still in full bloom with cherry blossoms and magnolia when we were there. Let me know in the comments if you know the ritual function of the rocks in the tree.

Thanks for watching! If you liked the video give it a thumbs up. Let us know your favourite things to do on Mayne Island in the comments.

Where would you like us to go next week? Saturna or Galiano?


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