What to do on Saturna Island : Vlog 67

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Saturna Island

Friday of last week we went to Saturna Island to complete our four islands in four weeks tour!

Our first stop on Saturna Island was Saturna Wild Thyme Bus Cafe. This was where I got the idea to make stinging nettle lattes. I love stinging nettle, such a nourishing herb, very grounding and fortifying. Here’s a link to my post on stinging lattes. Click Here

After we fueled up we headed out on our first hike to Narvaez Bay, Echo Bay and Monarch Head. It was a perfect day for slugs!

Reflecting back on the last year, especially because we saw humpback whales last year on Saturna, I am remembering the passing of granning, the matriarch of our resident orca j-pod. She was the world’s oldest orca whale, estimated to be as old at 105.

Article on her here

I had talked to Tom from B.C. Whale Tours about Granny’s passing. It took some time to confirm Granny’s passing. I asked Tom: What changes when the matriarch passes? The community will probably change. They will probably split into two like K-Pod did and two new matriarchs will emerg.

Click here for more info on Orca populations

There was so much nettle waiting to be harvested on Saturna that day.

We tend to overestimate what will happen in a year and underestimate what will happen in five years. A lot has happened over this last year. Tim has really picked up his photography. Just like the orca whale pods we are experiencing shifts and changes in our lives.

The biggest change for me over the past year was also a shift in a community. I was listening to Brooke Thomas from the LIberated Body Podcast and she introduced me to my now sangha, Dharma Ocean. Through Dharma Ocean I found my teacher, Neil McKinlay here in Victoria B.C. Communities are important, they serve us as human beings.

What has changed for you over the last year? How have your communities changed?

Let us know in the comments what you would like us to get up to next week!

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With gratitude, Melissa, Tim and Trinity


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