Where can I watch ALL the Namaste Yoga Episodes

by Melissa West on

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Two viewers asked the same question!

Hi – I was thinking of going back in the weekly video series to start with Episode 1 and work through in order. Where is the best place to find these in order from 1 to current? Thanks!!

and Today’s question comes to us from Rachel from Facebook

Hello Melissa am just wondering where I can find episode one of your videos I absolutely love them and have been doing some classes as I just started but would love to start from the beginning.. thanks!

Hi Kathryn & Rachel

This is a great question and one that Tim has created a solution to recently. The best place is through my website which will direct you to the blip episodes. There are two “channels” basically. The most recent episodes and then the first 99 episodes. Here’s the link

Link to all the shows in order. 

Good luck! and have fun! Love, Melissa

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