Have You Heard Your Joints Crack and Pop in Yoga? This is Why

by Melissa West on June 20, 2018

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Joints Crack in Yoga?

If you have ever wondered why your bones crack and pop when you move, in the rest of this video I am going to explain why and how yin yoga can help.
Why do my joints pop and crack when I move?

How does Yin Yoga Help?

One of the benefits of yin yoga is that it prevents fixation. Fixation is the temporary sticking together of two surfaces. The reason why you should care about it, is that over time, it is fairly common for joints to become fused. The reason why you will probably be interested in fixation is that is holds the answer to the question, ¨Why do my joints pops and crack when I move my body?¨¨

There are 3 reasons your body will pop or crack when you move:

#1 the release of gas
#2 friction
#3 fixation

Release of Gas: Sometimes gas bubbles form in the synovial fluid of our joints. When the bubbles are released we will hear a pop.

Friction happens when one part of our joint strikes another part of our joint such as when we crack our knuckles or go down into a squat. It can happen when cartilage or ligaments rub against each other.

Fixation is the temporary sticking together of two surfaces. You will hear the crack or pop when the surfaces release. This can happen when you come into a reclined twist and you back cracks and pops. It feels good because pressure has been released.

There are three conditions that need to be present for fixation to occur

#1 the two surfaces that are stuck together must be smooth
#2 there must be some liquid lubricant between the surfaces
#3 the surfaces must be under some pressure that pushes them together

When we break fixation we are preventing the fusion of a joint. Fusion begins with fixation; fixation is cured by mobility; and mobility of the joints is one of the big benefits of Yin Yoga.

Yin yoga can help to reduce fixation. Fixation will limit the range of motion of your joints. Ultimately it will prevent fusion of a joint which is the permanent loss of mobility of a joint.

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Resource: Bernie Clark The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga


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