Why Silence?

by Melissa West on August 29, 2011

“The healing power of yoga comes through stillness.”
Dr. David Frawley

We receive a large amount of information from our environment on a daily basis. In fact, extreme sensory input is typcial of our culture. We are bombarded regularly with the noise of crowded residences, workplaces, and entertainment sites. The clamorous voices of the media are always trying to get our attention. We live amidst the seemingly relentless roar of our machines, our tools, and our toys.  Almost constantly, our prana (life force energy) gets dispersed outwards through media, speaking, relationships, responsibilities. We are over stimulated. No wonder we are exhausted! People are suffering from depletion.

Because so many of our demands in day to day life are distracted by external objects, we can use a retreat as an opportunity to turn inwards, to practice yoga as an internal practice. When  we continually dispense our energy in our culture, we need to draw it back in. Yoga can help us to develop prana inwardly. “When the focus is directed inside or toward calming, uniform and positive sensory input, the effect of disturbing sensory input from our environment can be reduced to a mere fraction.” Peter Marchand

Dr. David Frawley explains that one of the most effective ways of healing is through pratyahara – or withdrawal of the senses. We will be practicing this on our next yoga retreat by speech fasting for part of the weekend. When this world feels overwhelming and chaos seems to be getting the best of us, silence is a powerful antidote. Silence will allow us to turn our energy within, to regenerate and rebuild. Through this oasis of quiet you will experience clarity, well being, harmony and balance. Silence will enable you to be fully present to yourself only. Silence also creates an inner sanctuary of rest and renewal.

Please join us on our upcoming yoga retreat from October 21-23rd at Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre in Hastings Ontario and experience this beautiful practice for yourself.

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